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State Member for Newcastle and Chair of Throsby Creek Government Agencies Committee, Tim Crakanthorp MP has today joined members of the community to officially launch the Throsby Creek Catchment Agencies Plan 2019 – 2024, a project of the Throsby Creek Government Agencies Committee.

Mr Crakanthorp was joined by community representatives John Sutton and John McLeod in launching the plan, which aims to improve the health, amenity and safety of Throsby Creek and its catchment.

It provides a structured framework to progress coordinated planning and implementation by responsible agencies through the Throsby Government Agencies Committee and deliver agreed priorities for the waterway.

The Plan seeks to further improve the environment of the Throsby Creek waterway as well as the amenity of the area for residents, visitors and commercial users. It will be used to deliver goals that improve the water quality, ecosystem health and biodiversity as well as alleviating the effects of flooding and to decrease gross pollutants.

This process was initiated by local community members who were concerned about the health of Throsby Creek and its catchment. The 2019 plan builds on the work of the two preceding Throsby Creek Total Catchment Management Plans published in 1989 and 2001.

The final plan can be viewed at

Quotes attributable to State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp MP:

“Throsby Creek is such a vibrant and well used waterway.  From the recreational water users such as rowers, paddlers, dragon boaters and fishers to those who simply love to walk or ride along the edges of the creek taking in the mangroves, ecosystem and birdlife.  This plan, once implemented, will go a long way toward ensuring not just the maintenance, but the improvement of the waterway.

“This plan will improve the recreational amenity of the catchment waterways and their surrounds, improve ecosystem health across the catchment, while building resilience to future climate change impacts and increase the value the community holds for the catchment.

“I want to thank all of the government agencies and community members that have had input into and assisted in delivering the plan. This is a clear example of what can be achieved when we work together. I am pleased to have been able to deliver such an important strategy from opposition.

Quotes attributable to Community Representative, John Sutton:

“Thirty years ago, the initial revolutionary Throsby Creek Total Catchment Management Strategy transformed a dirty urban stormwater drain into today’s highly-valued natural and recreational asset. This new plan, hammered out through a similar collaborative interagency process, consolidates and builds on that success, giving local catchment communities the assurance they need that the key issues confronting the catchment will get the attention they need and deserve.”

Quotes attributable to Community Representative, John McLeod:

"This plan is relevant and essential to ensure the health of Throsby Creek is maintained, its highly urbanised catchment requires us all to consider how we interact with our local environment to prevent the creek from becoming a drain."

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