Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Melinda Pavey was forced to speak about the renowned controversial anti-competitive port restrictions on Port of Newcastle today when State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp raised it in Question Time.

Minister Pavey has been notorious for her refusal to speak about the Port’s contract.

Mr Crakanthorp asked Minister Pavey if she would now lift the anti-competitive port restrictions on Newcastle Port given that T4 is no longer going ahead.

Ms Pavey spent the time in response going round circles ultimately proving the point that a cap was not necessary.

Ms Pavey said “85 per cent of containers come into NSW…..are distributed within a 40km radius of Port Botany. It is industry that decides because of the population where those containers are distributed.”

So if the business case for Port Botany is so strong, why is a restrictive cap on the Port of Newcastle necessary Minister? The Minister should remove the cap and as she said, let the market decide.

Quotes attributable to Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp

“Minister Pavey knows that her Government did a dodgy deal when selling the Port of Newcastle and has been silent on the restrictions preventing the economic development of Northern NSW.”

"Today I forced her to acknowledge the existence of the port rort and in doing so, ruled out removing the cap at the Port of Newcastle.”

“The removal of the T4 going ahead is a game changer for the Port of Newcastle. With the T4 off the table and a new CEO going into the Port of Newcastle, all options should be on the table.

“This Government has put a handbrake on Newcastle’s economy with this deal, I will not stop until this injustice has been corrected."

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