Posted by on 08 March, 2020

The late Jill Emberson has been named as Newcastle’s 2020 Local Woman of the Year.

Jill was a Walkley Award-nominated journalist and former Newcastle Citizen of the Year who came to national prominence most recently as a warrior for ovarian cancer awareness.

Jill passed away in December 2019 after dedicating the final years of her life to a campaign to lift the five-year survival rate for the disease, which currently sits at under 50 per cent, by creating the Pink Meets Teal movement. Through fundraising and government lobbying, Jill’s activism has seen more than $20 million flow to ovarian cancer research.

The Local Woman of the Year Award sees NSW Legislative Assembly members acknowledge a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to their community.

“My last conversation with Jill was about her receiving this award, and she told me how honoured she felt,” Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp said.

“But really the honour is mine, because I feel so fortunate to have known Jill through her journey and indebted to her for the difference she has made to lives of our mothers, sisters and daughters.

“To say Jill made a difference is an understatement – her legacy will be felt for a very long time.”

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