Posted by on 23 April, 2020

More than 80 per cent of NSW renters will not benefit from the Berejiklian Government’s COVID-19 rental package, with Parliament to be recalled next month to debate the woefully inadequate legislation.

On May 11 the NSW Parliament will debate the $440 million package which includes a land tax rebate for commercial and residential landlords, provided the saving is passed on to the tenant through a rent reduction.

However, with only 16 per cent of the state’s residential landlords paying land tax, more than 610,000 landlords, and subsequently their tenants, will miss out.

“Tenants are terrified they’ll be evicted or saddled with mountains of debt after this health crisis is over, and landlords are they’re worried they won’t receive the rental income they need to pay the mortgage or to put food on the table,” Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection Julia Finn said.

“The current proposal for land tax rebates for landlords is utterly hopeless and will only help the 16 per cent of landlords who actually pay land tax.”

Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp said he had been inundated with calls from both tenants who were worried about becoming homeless or accruing rental arrears, and Mum and Dad investors who were now struggling to make their mortgage repayments.

Almost 40 per cent of the electorate’s dwellings are rental properties, housing 23,500 people as of the 2016 Census.

“The surge in unemployment and underemployment has left tenants worried about keeping a roof over their heads, and landlords worried about their dwindling income,” Mr Crakanthorp said.

“It took this Government over three weeks to come up with their response to the Federal Government’s moratorium on evictions, and all they delivered was a half-baked plan that benefits very few.”

Labor will fight to amend the package so that a better deal is provided to both renters and landlords.



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