Posted by on 25 September, 2019

NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay visited Stockton Beach today alongside Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp to view the catastrophic damage caused to one of Newcastle’s signature beaches by coastal erosion and called on the Berejiklian Liberal Government to end its neglect and fix the beach for the people of Newcastle.
The catastrophic erosion of Stockton Beach has also led to the closing of the town’s only childcare centre, forced the evacuation of a caravan park and placed the iconic Stockton Surf Club under threat.
Ms McKay and Mr Crakanthorp called on the Berejiklian Liberal Government to take immediate action to fix the damage to Stockton Beach by;

  1. Immediately appoint a State Recovery Coordinator to manage a whole of government response to the erosion crisis at Stockton.
  2. Direct the Coordinator to urgently assist City of Newcastle with repairs, stabilisation and beach replenishment works to protect Stockton and save the beach.
  3. Work collaboratively with the City of Newcastle, the community and business to expedite the Coastal Management Program, for completion and adoption by the end of the year, to address long term erosion in Stockton. 

Ms McKay said: “The Government’s neglect of one of Newcastle’s beloved beaches is unacceptable. If this happened at Bondi or Manly, the Government would move quickly to fix it. The people of Newcastle deserve better from the Berejiklian Liberal Government.”
“Hundreds of people from all across the community came here last Sunday crying out for the Government to take some action here . Labor is offering a way forward through our three point plan, it's time for the Premier to work with us and the people of Newcastle to save Stockton Beach ”
Mr Crakanthorp said: “The Berejiklian Liberal Government’s neglect of our beach is a deep disappointment to the people of Newcastle. We need to see action from the Premier, not the bluster in the parliament we saw yesterday.”

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