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State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp has welcomed the news that the State Government will be remediating the site of the former Stockton service station following the fire that flattened the site in 2015.

Mr Crakanthorp worked tirelessly to have the former site of Rose’s Garage, returned to the people of Stockton following calls from his community to have the tenant evicted following flagrant violations of its Crown Land obligations.

There were numerous alleged DA and Crown Land breaches including alleged alterations to the building without DA, regular infringements of vehicles being parked on Council land, lopping of tree limbs on the foreshore and dumping of building waste on the river bank.

Following the fire, Mr Crakanthorp requested that the State Government take immediate action to remediate the site and consult with the local community on the site’s use.

Following a question in Parliament on the issue, the Government has now confirmed that it has “engaged a contractor to undertake the final remediation of the former Stockton Service Station site, including removal of the concrete slabs and underground fuel tanks. The site will be remediated to a standard compatible with public open space. It is expected that these remediation works will commence in late March 2018 and be completed by the end of June 2018 (subject to weather and contractor availability).”

 Now is the time to consult with the community on what the best use of the site would be once remediation is complete.


Quotes attributable to Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp

  “I welcome the State Government’s decision to finally remediate the site. There was a fire on this site in 2015 that razed the former service station site, I have been calling on this action for almost three years now.”

 “I have been fighting for the future of this Stockton site with the Stockton community since 2015. To this date we have not seen one Minister visit the site. It is about time that the Government remediated this site.

 “With the Government estimating that this remediation should be concluded in June, they should begin consulting with the Stockton community now on what they want to see done with the site. The community deserves a say in its future use.”

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