Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp has again called for the Government to commit to building a ferry terminal in Wickham as the city continues to move to the west.

Mr Crakanthorp joined with members of the Stockton Community Action Group, Great Life of Wickham and Fern Bay and Fullerton Cove Progress Association who support the planned expansion.

It follows reports that the Hunter Development Corporation (HDC) is poised to sell its last stretch of undeveloped land on the harbour’s edge.

Mr Crakanthorp has insisted that any EOI for future development of this land must include a requirement to contribute to the construction of a new ferry wharf. This would be similar to the Government’s market testing that was underway to gauge private sector interest in delivering the bus terminal at The Store site.

Mr Crakanthorp has long believed that a ferry connection to the Newcastle Interchange was needed, first floating the idea in 2015.

Mr Crakanthorp wants to grow the number of people using public transport in the city and the only way we can do this is to build the infrastructure needed.

Quotes attributable to Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp

“With the Hunter Development Corporation selling off the last remaining parcels of land in Honeysuckle, I would ask that as part of any EOI process a contribution to a ferry wharf must be included in any plans.”

“This is the last remaining chance we have to get a ferry wharf in the ever-growing Wickham area. A ferry terminal has to be included in any future plans for this site.”

“As the city continues to expand to the west, we need the incoming transport plans to reflect those changes. We need a fully integrated transport network in the inner city.”

“We have a community that is fully supportive of a ferry terminal in Wickham and an interchange that currently doesn’t have all transport modes included. This is the logical next step.”

“I have written to the Minister for Transport previously seeking a commitment to consider expanding the network to the west of the city, now it is time for him to deliver.”

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