State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp and the Newcastle East Public School Council have today celebrated securing air conditioning for the new classrooms being built at the school.

When the original plans for the new classrooms were revealed, it was cited that air conditioning would not be included for the iconic school. Concerned parents contacted Mr Crakanthorp, who urged the Minister for Education, Rob Stokes, to reconsider this decision.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Gareth Ward responded to Mr Crakanthorp and refused to reverse this decision.

At this time the NSW Labor Opposition announced their “Cool Schools” policy which would see funds from the $2.2 billion ‘Sydney stadium’ funds reprioritised to air conditioning NSW schools.

The Government adopted Labor’s policy and Mr Crakanthorp again asked the Mr Stokes to review his decision not to air condition Newcastle East Public School. This time the answer was more positive which the Government agreeing to install it in the new classrooms.

Mr Crakanthorp has today celebrated with the school council who were facing the prospect of raising thousands of dollars to purchase the air conditioning units.

Labor believes that education is the key to every opportunity in life. Comfortable and conducive learning spaces translate to better learning outcomes for students. All new schools built under a Labor NSW Government will have air conditioning.

Quotes attributable to Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp

“This is a win for common sense, the Government should not be building new classrooms and not providing the basic services associated.”

“This is a great example of what can be achieved when the community and their local MP works together.”

“A future Labor Government will prioritise air conditioning our local schools over knocking down and rebuilding stadiums in Sydney.”

"Labor believes it’s more important to air condition classrooms where our children learn than corporate boxes in Sydney stadiums.”

 Quotes attributable to the President of the School Council at Newcastle East Public School, Lisa Piefke

“This is a fantastic outcome for Newcastle East Public School (NEPS).  We would like to thank Mr Crakanthorp for his support and persistence in securing this vital service for our school. “

“With the constraints of our main building’s heritage status and the school’s small geographic footprint, the new building was our last opportunity to gain air conditioned classrooms.  The school can now look forward to modern, comfortable learning spaces for its students and staff all year round.”

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