Shadow Minister for Transport, Jodi McKay and State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp have met with Hamilton business owners and Hamilton Chamber of Commerce President, Nathan Errington to discuss the effects of the removal of buses from Beaumont Street.


It was announced there that if a Labor State Government is elected in March, it will work to see buses once again stop in Beaumont Street.


The removal of buses on one of Newcastle’s busiest café and restaurant streets has resulted in businesses losing trade and in some cases, closing. With no easy access to the business strip, customers are staying away.


Mr Errington recently released the findings from a survey of 46 businesses, which showed;


  • 42 businesses supported the reinstatement of bus services along the street
  • 37 businesses said they had experienced a decrease in turnover


If a Labor State Government is elected in March 2019, there will be a complete audit of the entire Newcastle Bus network.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport, Jodi McKay


“The loss of buses in Beaumont street has had a significant impact on business in the area. Despite evidence showing a downturn in trade, the Government refuses to even review the situation.”


 “It’s simply unacceptable that business owners are suffering as a result of poor decision making by the Liberal Government.”


“Labor has previously announced we will review the disastrous bus timetable, and as part of that audit, we give an undertaking to work to have buses once again stop in Beaumont street.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp


“To cut off access to one of Newcastle’s main business districts is ludicrous. Where in any other city would this be an option?”


 “We’ve had this public transport experiment running for a year now, with nothing to show but decreased passenger numbers and increased punctionality failures. There needs to be an overhaul of the current system.”


“This bus public transport network privatisation failure is another arrogant act from a government that is clearly out of touch.”

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