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Shadow Minister for Skills, Prue Car and Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp have met with local migrants this morning to discuss the further cuts to multicultural programs in TAFE.

TAFE NSW has gone through a restructure to create “One TAFE” and removed the institute models for a regional plan. As a result of the re-organisation, the Multicultural Education Coordinator role was deleted for the Hunter and Central Coast region which is now part of TAFE NSW North.

TAFE has replaced those with eight Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Coordinator/Community Engagement positions, created for Sydney and Western Sydney, however the Hunter region or North Coast will not receive any of this assistance.

The rationale provided was that Sydney had over 40 per cent CALD enrolments whereas the Hunter has 15-20 per cent.  Even by that justification, the Hunter should still be getting at least one of those positions. By not providing this service they are cutting off a community service that assists migrants to gain skills and train for a career.


Quotes attributable to Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp

 The Government are systematically removing the special facilities that TAFE had to make it accessible for all members of the community.

 First, they cut disability services, they cut the Aboriginal Learning Circle and now they are removing all multicultural services for the Hunter region. Why are they removing the services that made TAFE an open for the whole community?

 Why is it that the Hunter TAFE has been cut out of the multicultural framework in TAFE? Why is Sydney getting all of the assistance?

TAFE has always been about providing education for people in all walks of life. However bit by bit this Government is breaking this iconic educational institution down.

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