A Daley Labor government will address the decline of the NSW music venues by removing red tape that prevents existing venues from hosting live entertainment.


There are now fewer entertainment venues in NSW than when the Liberals and Nationals were elected eight years ago. Existing liquor licencing laws have allowed serial wowsers to hold venues to ransom. A parliamentary inquiry found that 669 liquor licences impose conditions either banning or restricting live entertainment.


Labor recognises that music is an important part of our communities. Mr Crakanthorp has been working with local stakeholders through the Newcastle Live Music Taskforce to address the concerns of local venues.


A dedicated Shadow Minister to Music and the Night Time, John Graham, has today launched a plan to reverse years of stifling regulation by the Liberals and Nationals.


The centrepiece is the introduction of a “right to play”, amending the Liquor Act to remove outdated and arbitrary restrictions on live music at existing venues.


Labor will also:

  • establish a one-stop-shop for both residents and venues to objectively deal with noise complaints;
  • establish a single process for venue licencing, to improve neighbourhood consultations and significantly reducing approval times;
  • introduce a new $1.2 million programme for soundproofing existing venues;
  • create a new licence class specifically for venues dedicated to live entertainment;
  • conduct a census of live venues to collect data on the number of venues, performances, musicians, and hospitality workers - to inform policy decisions and community consultations.



Quotes attributable to NSW Shadow Minister for Music and the Night Time Economy John Graham MLC


“I formed Labor Loves Live Music back in 2012, out of concern for the decline in music venues. The situation is now at crisis point.”


“These measures are supported by a number of bipartisan recommendations of the 2018 NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Music and Arts Economy.”


Quotes attributable to State Member for Newcastle, Tim Crakanthorp


“We want more music and more musicians in our community”


“Live music draws people in – and not just young people and visitors – to spend money in our local economy”


“Labor has a plan to ensure live music thrives in Newcastle”


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